Pond Design and Construction in Castroville, TX

Stag Golf, Inc. takes pride in being able to create beautiful water features for golf courses and large properties across Castroville, Lacoste, and Rio Medina, TX. We’re masters of pond building and design, as well as waterfall construction and the control systems that go into ensuring these features look spectacular for years to come.

Pond Construction & Lining

Pond construction depends heavily on design and preparation. For our team, every detail matters. With our lake and pond building, we use PVC and EPDM lining that’ll stand the test of time, to ensure not only the safe construction of these features, but also ease of maintenance and repair, should the situation arise.

Our pond builders create still water features that can be designed and integrated into your golf course of existing landscape in whatever fashion you envision. We’re masters of making it look like a natural part of the terrain and will ensure all the details are in-place to bring cohesion to your property.

Waterfall Builders & Designers

In addition to pond design and construction, we have experience as waterfall builders that serve as awe-inspiring features on any golf course, ranch or corporate landscape. Our capabilities are broad enough to meet your vision for a waterfall—whether it’s a standalone feature that’s self-contained or part of a larger pond and stream system on your property.

Government Fishery Work

Our team is so trusted to handle water feature design and installation that we’ve been contracted by the State government to design and install fisheries in Texas. These projects demand the highest standards for reliability, efficiency and longevity, and we’re proud to put our name on this type of work as a symbol of our superior capabilities.

Design a Stunning Water Feature

Ready to bring a beautiful new water feature to your golf course? Want to liven up your campus’ existing water feature with a bold new look? Contact us today at 210-846-4443 to discuss water feature design and pond construction, golf course renovations, landscaping services, and more with our experienced team.